Bicycle outlook

Low carbon travel, health fashion, 80/ 90 after the rise of the fashion class, the birth of a sports bike巨大市场能量

  ◎From the means of transport, market prospects:
  The most basic reason is the liberation of human invention of the bicycle, feet a travel tool. More than two hundred years since the bicycle has been one of the most popular means of transport, once brilliant once in the sound of car horns gradually fade. In a motor vehicle to dominate the era bicycle because of its unique properties still has a huge consumer groups, almost every family have had at least a bike, this is not an exaggeration, it can be urban leisure car, folding bicycle, children's car, mountain bikes, road...

  ◎From the need to change, look at the market outlook:
  Society in the continuous development of science and technology in the continuous progress of urbanization, increasing road congestion, wanton vehicle exhaust emissions, is an important curse of air pollution, people's physical health index fell. A quality of life increased dramatically, while on the other hand, the living environment is deteriorating, completely unequal status, forcing human have to stick together, together in the face of the improvement of environment, advocate low carbon travel has become the various countries, the government publicize energetically, support to encourage the major events, bicycle again high-profile return.
  From the initial transport, become people to pursue green low carbon, fitness and leisure, fashion music live multipurpose, synonymous with multifunctional sport riding, the change of the demand, let the bicycle market once again leap. So far, the bike will quickly go the road of revival.

  ◎From the consumer attitudes change, look at the market outlook:
  China in the 21st century, the rapid economic development, GDP ranked second in the world, the national consumption level rising, the rapid rise of the 80 / 90 fashion class, this class focus on the pursuit of quality of life and taste, strong degree of acceptance of new things, and have strong purchasing power, their demand for bicycles is no longer just become a means of transport, but into fashion and, is a self realization, self expression elements, and the change of the consumer demand, consumer trends, gave birth to the bicycle huge consumer market for energy.

  ◎From the rise of bicycle sports culture, to see the market prospects:
  With the concept of low carbon life, healthy life and happy life, more and more people join the ranks of the bicycle. Today's bicycles is not only a traditional tool of ride instead of walk, and gradually evolved into a healthy fashion movement notation and a back to nature movement quality of life symbol.
  For leisure sports in some developed countries, 90% of the bicycle, the bicycle for travel accounted for only 10%. In China, the proportion of bicycle used for leisure sports is also growing at a rate of 6% per year. In the near future, the leisure sports bicycle will become the mainstream of the bicycle consumption.
  Since the beginning of 2011, China greatly small numerous bike event, whether it is government support degree and degree of social concern, has reached an unprecedented height, the local governments have built bike lanes, advocate low carbon travel.
  Bicycle sports associations, clubs, cycling forums have sprung up to provide a platform for the development of cycling culture. Mountain bike, road vehicle, traveling vehicle...... No matter in the city street or on the road in the suburbs, there will always be "riding an expert" from our side, and this is just the beginning......

  ◎Competition from the brand, look at the market outlook:
  China is the global bicycle manufacturing country, foreign trade to China's major bicycle manufacturers for a period of time ignored the domestic market for highend sports bike rigid demand, so that the current China's highend sports bicycle market is still in the typical blue ocean market. But we are very clear that we must seize the initiative, to be more ahead of the follow-up.
  Golden crane is one of the world famous bicycle brand, has come from many countries of many outstanding design master and a large modern professional manufacturing factory, which makes gold crane brand always stand in the forefront of popular, carefully build each a car embodies the sports, technology, fashion, health elements, with advanced materials, firstclass technology, fashion styles attracts every customer, all over the country's sales and service network, provides the high quality, the high grade fashion mounts for the love of sport bike riders. Choose a bike, choose the golden crane.

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