Characteristics of highway vehicle

1 tires than the ordinary bicycle tires, and the tire pressure can reach 100-200psi (per square inch pounds) above, so the rolling resistance and the mountain bike in the running process is much smaller.

The 2 tooth plate and the flywheel gear ratio (i.e. gear ratio), general road cycling gear ratio can reach 53:11 or even higher.

3. Now the road cycling has been widely used in new materials, such as titanium alloy, carbon fiber, advanced aluminum alloy materials, and so on, so road bike weight is very light, can reach 5kg, but UCI regulations racers shall not be below the 6.8kg.

Road car race

Road car race

4 tires generally used a very hard material, easy to athletes force. This is not the same as the mountain bike. Because the road bike is a relatively good road in the road above the ride, so do not need to be like the latter, too to consider the issue of vibration absorption.

Due to the above characteristics, with a rider, riding a bicycle road speed to much faster than riding a bike.

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