Mountain bike riding posture

Riding a mountain bike, posture is very important, professional drivers are very handsome, but also very professional, although we can not do as they are perfect, but riding a mountain bike also should pay attention to the most basic correct posture. This posture is the most easy to make people who have just started to make mistakes. It is obvious that the car fixed, should be a triangle is a stable connection is a stable state, then it is the neck acid ah, shoulder acid ah, have come. Rookie: the most common problem is the stomach out, arms straight up the car bar.

Standard riding posture is the abdomen, you can see people and car connection is a unstable quadrilateral, so that it can rapidly adjust people in the car's center of gravity. With the fastest speed to respond to changes in the road conditions, to achieve the unity of people and vehicles. Arms of the supporting role, on the handlebar no force, so it will not shoulder acid, a pain in the neck, there may be good conservation of small brother oh.

Next to the hill. If we do not change our usual habits, it is difficult to complete the uphill mountain car. Most of the lift is reflected in the cause of the lift, pay attention to the center of gravity shift.

The right uphill, is built on the correct riding posture. Commonly known as the top of the butt in the cushion tip, the arm bent down that is the appearance of the. It might be hard to move people's focus to the front, should be the focus of the car is unchanged, so only by adjusting the center of gravity to adjust the center of gravity is still in the middle of the position.

Downhill when the center of gravity, the focus of the team is unchanged, the need to adjust the focus of the people to control the center of gravity is still maintained at the center of the two wheels. Downhill and seat height is not a great relationship, as long as you can move back to the bottom of the seat behind the seat is not stuck on it.

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