Tire maintenance and repair of mountain bike

The racing bike tyre is the shape of the tube, tire wall is very thin, very easy to damage during training and competition, should pay special attention to maintenance.

According to the weight of bicycle racing car is divided into several models. With more than 250 grams of a daily road race training, according to the road conditions, from 200 to 300 grams of tire. A more detailed, and the road surface contact surface is small, the friction force is small, is conducive to improve the speed of the car.

Tire injection gas is: can the bicycle has certain elasticity, reduce radial jounce force of wheel rim impact; under cycling load, reducing the pavement with tyre contact surface, to reduce friction. To this end, the training and competition, the tire pressure should be suitable for. Road tires generally maintained 5 7kg/cm2 pressure, 10 12kg2/cm2 best injection site tire pressure. Gas pressure inside the tire tires explosion easily fierce, if too small, then increased friction with the ground, increase unnecessary physical consumption, tires, it is easy to slip off the wheel. Especially in racing riding, tire pressure small more easily from the wheel slip down, dangerous, resulting in injury of athletes.

Every two hours to ride the front tires inflated, then check the tyre leaks, there is no foreign body or part of wound surface. In the summer training and competition after the break, the car should be placed in the shade to avoid the tire after heated gas expansion and burst. Save the tyres, the injection of a small amount of gas, hanging up, placed in the dark air, humidity is not too high to prevent gelatinous deterioration.

Game as needed to replace the new tires, the new tire of pre loaded on, at least riding more than 50 kilometers, check the tires is good, after confirming that no problem before use.

Tyre repair. The first is to find a hole. The method is to break the child into the right amount of gas, into the water, foaming at most places where the hole is broken. If everywhere leakage is not easy to find a hole, the tyre valve on both sides of the folded back, grab or with a rope tied, don't let the gas through the, the other people help cheer, if Miss soon after the boost gas that leakage around the valve; after the boost not leak or leaks slowly hole is not here. The folding position can be moved backwards and continue to be checked by section until the broken hole is found.

Find the leak place, first take out the inner tyre. When not Yank, prevent the tube breaking. Then use wood of contusion or hacksaw blade will break the hole around contusion and brush clean, or gasoline to wash clean, will fill the sticky skin, then sewed up the tire. Don't pull the belt when the seam line is too tight, so as to avoid the tire uneven thickness.

Thirty minutes maintenance can have a systematic inspection of the whole body of the bicycle. If the machine is in good working condition, the inspection will be finished soon. If there are problems, inspection and maintenance work will naturally take a longer time. The next chapter provides a variety of detailed skills, you are in the maintenance of the body must pay attention to the matter. Do it yourself, you can have a better understanding of the bike, and to check the normal operation of the machine is normal. The work is best carried out on a regular basis. Soon after, you'll be able to find out where the problem is based on intuition, and if there is something that looks, feels or does not sound right, you'll know where to check it right away.

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